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Are you moving to a new office? Are you searching for professional office movers? If your answer is yes, JR Garcia Moving LLC is the company to work with. We are distinguished local and long distance movers, and our primary goal is to ensure you receive the exact service you envisioned. We have a passion for what we do, and we go the extra mile to deliver an A+ service. Our impressive track record has helped us gain the trust of many, and we continue to improve our services. We happily serve Herndon, VA and other neighboring towns. 

Moving an office is never an easy task. There are many logistics involved, therefore, it’s a job that needs to be done by experts. Whether it’s a large office with multiple staff or a personal office where you work alone, we can help you to relocate it. After many years of moving offices, we have developed our own unique moving plan, which we use to relocate our clients seamlessly. This way, you have nothing to fear about your business grinding to a halt. Our method ensures any complexities are resolved quickly and there is little to zero downtime. Whether you are taking advantage of a bigger, strategic or better office space or you are going to another city, our office movers have you covered.

At JR Garcia Moving LLC, we know the right approach to handle all items ranging from computers, appliances, documents, and furniture. We have experts who do the disassembly of your office equipment and assemble them at the new site. Our loading method is also done with caution, and we place the items in a way that no damage will occur during transportation. We are available in Herndon, VA and other close by areas. To talk to our long distance movers, simply give us a call today or look us up at www.jrgarciamoving.com!